N O M I   E P S T E I N composer


long, after (2017) 12-20'

for 4 or more performers

commissioned by ELMS

all are above us (2017) open duration

for 4 or more performers

commissioned by mumei edition SIX, Heather Frasch and Ryoko Akama

for Iktus (2015)  16'

for saxophone, guitar, piano, percussion

for Hypercube (formerly Iktus combo)

communications for a.pe.ri.od.ic for 8 players (2015) 15'

Commissioned by Controlled Indeterminacy in Text Scores project


Four Voices for any 4 voices (2014) 14'

Trio for guitar, piano, double bass (2014) 10'


Independent: Relational: Reactionary for solo violin (2014) 13'


towoke (2014) a ringtone for string quartet 30”

Commissioned by Spektral Quartet, Premiered: Constellation, March 2014, Chicago, IL

Combine, Juxtapose, Overlap, Delayed Overlap for 4 or more players (2013) 7-20'

Commissioned by the Experimental Music Yearbook

RwO Minute for 3 voices (S/S/B) (2013) 4'

Commissioned by Rhymes with Opera

Text Series for 4 or more voices (2011) 40'

for Cage99 for 2 or more performers (2011) 3'

Written for Ensemble Décadanse

Pillars and Glisses for fl, cl, vln, vc, elect gtr, pno, 2 soprano (2012) 13'

Commissioned by Wild Rumpus Ensemble


Trio for violin, cello, piano (2012) 11'

Commissioned by Billie Howard


Sound for the wulf. for 4 writers and 2 whistlers(2011) 14'

commissioned by Colin Wambsgans

Sextet for flute, saxophone, violin, viola, cello, piano (2011) 22'

Written for Ensemble SurPus Schloss Solitude

For Tenor and Six Percussion (2011) 14'

Commissioned by the New England Conservatory Percussion Ensemble


Mandolin, Guitar, Harp (2010) 10'

Commissioned by Noble Fowl Trio

Music for Four Strings (2010) 19'

Vibraphone Miniature for solo vibraphone (2009) 3'

Commissioned by Joe Bergen for the “For Semy” vibraphone repertoire project

Percussion Quartet (2009) 11'     

Commissioned by Ed Harrison, Lyric Opera Timpanist


Two Flutes and Tape (2009) 10'

Commissioned by Janet McKay


Solo for Large Ensemble for 33 players (2008, rev. 2009) 16'


Trio for flute, cello, piano (2008)

Commissioned by Shanna Gutierrez

[Untitled] for flute, violin, guitar, piano and percussion (2007) 12'

Premiere: International Contemporary Ensemble, Chapel, April 2007, Evanston, IL

Music for Seven Instruments and Voice for fl, cl pno, vln, vc, sop, vibr, mrmba (2006) 8'

Commissioned by Bang on A Can Festival 2006


This Too Shall Pass for percussion sextet (2006) 10'

Commissioned by Frank Epstein and the New England Conservatory Percussion Ensemble


Music for 4 Strings, Piano and Clarinet (2005) 10'

Flute and Guitar (2005) 14'

Commissioned by Steven Lin

Violin and Piano (2004) 7'

Piano and Soprano (2004) 13'

Trio for piano, violin, and cello (2004) 12'

Written for Eighth Blackbird



Closure for 2 viola, 2 cello (2003) 15'