N O M I   E P S T E I N composer


collections for Erik (2015) 12'

a recording piece

commissioned by Erik Carlson

Layers for Piano (2015) 12'


Structure for layered flute (2014) 14'

Commissioned by Janet McKay

for flute and looper pedal


Independent: Relational: Reactionary for solo violin (2014) 13'

For Eleath for solo piano (2013) 3'

Commissioned by Joann Cho


For Eliza for solo prepared piano (2013) 12'

Commissioned by Eliza Garth

Untitled, “Blush: red#40” for solo cello (2010) 3'

Commissioned by Katinka Kleijn, CSO cellist, for the Chicago Humanities Festival 2010

Vibraphone Miniature for solo vibraphone (2009) 3'

Commissioned by Joe Bergen for the “For Semy” vibraphone repertoire project


Notes for Marti for solo piano (2008) 9'

Commissioned by Marti Epstein


Lullebiye for solo guitar (2008) 3'

Commissioned by Aaron Larget-Caplan

Solo for piano (2007) 10'

Commissioned by David Kalhous

Solo for Vibraphone, Mallets, and Bow (2007) 12'

Commissioned by Joe Bergen


Blueprint for solo guitar (2006) 12'

Commissioned by Seth Josel

Evolution: Organization: Progression… for solo piano with slide whistles (2004) 3'

Music for Viola (2004) 8'

Till for solo piano (2003) 9'

Ouvert for solo guitar (2003) 7'

Commissioned by Steven Lin